CyberKnight To Put Spotlight On AI In Zero Trust Security At GITEX 2023

During Technology Week from October 16-20, 2023, CyberKnight will emphasize the power of AI in Zero Trust Security. The focus will be on highlighting the significance of visibility, automated intelligence, and segmentation as crucial strategies in addressing modern cybersecurity challenges. CyberKnight will be participating with twelve of its leading international portfolio vendors mapping to this year’s theme – Beyond Resilience: Zero Trust Security for an AI-Pioneered Cyber Renaissance.

The technologies that will be represented by CyberKnight at the event are:

  • CrowdStrike – EDR, Cloud Security & Threat Intel
  • Arista – Software Defined Networking, NPB & NDR
  • Elastic – SIEM, Big Data, Log Management
  • Illumio – Zero Trust Microsegmentation
  • Netwrix – Data Access Governance, AD Security, File Integrity Monitoring
  • BlueCat – DDI and DNS Security
  • Lookout – Mobile Threat Defense, Mobile App Security
  • Fortra – Classification, DLP, PT, MFT, SEG, DMARC, CDR
  • Checkmarx – SAST, DAST, IAST, SCA, Supply Chain Security, IaC & API Security
  • Skyhigh – SSE/CASB/SWG/CNAPP
  • GTB Technologies – Discovery & Classification, DLP, Watermarking, Device & App Control
  • Traceable – Intelligent API Security

“Our commitment remains unwavering as we move ahead: to combat cybercrime effectively in the Middle East through Zero Trust Security while achieving compliance. CyberKnight’s advisory approach assists customers to understand where they are on the Zero Trust Security journey today, and where they need to be tomorrow, while ensuring they align with the standards set by the local regulatory authorities. GITEX, the largest and the most prominent technology show in the Middle East, allows us to meet with our strategic customers and partners to discuss current cybersecurity trends and challenges as well as showcase latest technologies to tackle cybercriminals,” commented Olesya Pavlova, CMO at CyberKnight.