Kaspersky Partners With Saudi Esports Federation

Kaspersky has announced its partnership with the Saudi Esports Federation (SEF), becoming an exclusive partner for Saudi eLeagues and Voices of Saudi Esports in the category of cybersecurity and digital protection. This will help Kaspersky join the Saudi gaming community and steer the attention of gamers and content creators towards cyber awareness, and help them leverage cybersecurity solutions as an enabler of elevated, secure experiences.

SEF was established in 2017, and closely aligns its activities with the objectives of The National Gaming and Esports Strategy of Saudi Arabia. Similarly, this partnership serves as a platform for Kaspersky to contribute towards the goals of the strategy, focusing on making the Kingdom a leader in the immersive gaming market and building advanced gaming infrastructure.

A Kaspersky research, highlights that 70% of gamers confirm that hacking is still a significant problem for the online gaming community. In addition, the biggest impact of a cyberattack to gamers is the loss of progress (55%) in a game. Through this partnership, Kaspersky intends to emphasize on safe gaming and content creation, and break the myth surrounding cybersecurity hampering gaming experience and performance. Most importantly, Kaspersky aims to equip the Saudi eLeagues and Voices of Saudi Esports communities with the right knowledge, and cybersecurity solutions such as Kaspersky Premium, designed to deliver on enhanced personal data protection, performance and device optimization.

To boost talent building, SEF and Kaspersky will together introduce an exclusive content segment titled “Clutch of the Day” to celebrate top performances and best skills within the realm of gaming and content creation. In addition, both entities will host tournaments for 6 disciplines: Rainbow six siege, PUBG Mobile, Valorant, League of Legends, Overwatch 2 and Call of Duty.

Mr. Abdulaziz AlSaykhan, Executive Director of Technology at Saudi Esports Federation Said: “Considering the rapid digital development, security poses a great challenge to various parties, and when it comes to the gaming and esports industry it becomes essential. Our partnership with Kaspersky represents a new chapter in our commitment to provide digital protection to players as well as the content creators, by enhancing cybersecurity awareness and leveraging cutting-edge solutions. Our goal is to empower our community to enjoy elevated and secure experiences.”

“As digitization rewrites traditional rules of the industry, the gaming community today demand more from their systems. As gamers ourselves, becoming an official partner for Saudi eLeagues and Voices of Saudi Esports gives us a bigger opportunity to deliver on our promise to provide digital protection to gamers, right from personal data protection to amplified performance and device optimization with our solutions. Our goal is simple, which is to make cybersecurity central to gaming and content creation. Most importantly, we believe working closely with the Saudi Esports Federation will help elevate cybersecurity awareness in these communities to new levels” said Elena Shedova, Vice president of Marketing at Kaspersky.

Follow the league and find out who will deserve to be featured in Clutch of the day on the official Twitch channel. Streaming on the weekend until the end of 2023