Mandiant To Showcase AI-driven Cybersecurity Solutions At GITEX 2023

As GITEX 2023, the leading technology event in the Middle East and Africa, prepares to open its doors, Mandiant, part of Google Cloud, announces its participation to guide businesses and individuals on their cloud transformation journeys. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technologies and insights gained from frontline incident response engagements, Mandiant aims to advance cybersecurity postures for organizations, whether they operate on-premises or are transitioning to the cloud.

Mandiant’s participation in GITEX 2023 aligns with Google Cloud’s ongoing investment in the Middle East and Africa, following the launch of Google Cloud instances in Qatar and upcoming launches in Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Mandiant plays a crucial role in securing customers’ cloud journeys, making its presence at GITEX 2023 a strategic move for both Mandiant/Google Cloud.

At the exhibition, Mandiant will focus on the pressing cybersecurity issues of today, including supply chain vulnerabilities, ransomware, and geopolitical threats. The company will showcase its Mandiant Advantage platform, an integrated solution covering Threat Intelligence, Attack Surface Management, Security Validation, and Breach Analytics.

Visitors to GITEX 2023 can engage with Mandiant consultants and experience the Mandiant Advantage platform firsthand. The company has been involved in mitigating some of the world’s most high-profile cyber-attacks. Mandiant aims to address key challenges such as the shortage of skilled resources, the increasing sophistication of threat actors, and the complexity of managing security controls.

As companies navigate through the lasting impact of what Mandiant terms a ‘Zero-Day Summer,’ the cybersecurity landscape is becoming increasingly complex. This year has already seen 62 zero-day vulnerabilities, up from 55 last year. A significant portion of these zero-day vulnerabilities are targeted at governments and sectors like technology and telecommunications, which are typical targets for cyber espionage by nation-state actors. Cybercriminals, on the other hand, are leveraging zero-days in financially motivated attacks like ransomware, as they typically don’t target governments where there’s no money to be made. The threats are evolving; social engineering attacks are becoming more sophisticated due to the adoption of Generative AI, and there’s a rising trend in the theft and sale of valid credentials.

“The UAE, like many other regions of the world, is a desirable target for cyber threat actors because of its dominant position in the Middle East and its advanced economy. Local or regional disputes are a source of cyberattacks on the global stage, particularly when they have either a political or financial goal. This year at GITEX, we are committed to assisting enterprises in acquiring a thorough grasp of their current and emerging threat actors, the efficient security measures they have in place, as well as the knowledge and intelligence supporting them. The key takeaway Mandiant aims to impart is the importance of being prepared: do not test the preparedness of your security team in a security incident. Leverage Mandiant to help you detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats more efficiently,” commented Jamil Abu Aqel, Head of Mandiant systems engineering for MEA and Emerging region, Google Cloud.

Mandiant emphasizes the need for a layered defense strategy. The first layer focuses on identifying and protecting assets, while the second layer is geared towards detecting, responding to, and containing breaches. Given the evolving threats, organizations should operate under the assumption that breaches are inevitable, preparing accordingly.

In this challenging cyber landscape, Mandiant is pioneering the use of AI, particularly generative AI (genAI), to augment defenses. Mandiant is committed to harnessing gen AI to stop threats, reduce toil, and scale cybersecurity talent. It enables quicker threat detection and response, reduces the burden on security specialists, and bridges the talent gap in the cybersecurity industry. By leveraging genAI, Mandiant aims to give defenders a significant edge, allowing them to stay ahead of evolving threats and respond more effectively,” commented Renze Jongman, Threat Intelligence Advisor, MEA at Mandiant.