Cisco Announces Acquisition Of Code BGP

Cisco has announced that it has acquired Code BGP, a privately held Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) monitoring company based in Greece. The Code BGP team consists of renowned BGP experts who will enable Cisco ThousandEyes to expand its BGP monitoring capabilities and global, authoritative view of Internet health.  

BGP is an essential technology that enables the Internet to function. However, the complex nature of BGP makes detecting and troubleshooting incidents difficult — particularly at the scale at which they occur. This year alone, more than 6,000 incidents of BGP hijacks, route leaks, and other issues occurred across the many thousands of networks that make up the Internet. Navigating these incidents requires quick detection and remediation to avoid downtime and protect users, making BGP visibility an essential capability for organizations that rely on the Internet to connect customers, employees, and business systems to applications and services.  

ThousandEyes has always been committed to providing customers the most extensive and authoritative view of the Internet and digital experiences across any network, which is why its founding technology and use case was focused on BGP and the need to provide visibility into Internet routing.

Since ThousandEyes’ beginnings, its BGP visualization and alerting has enabled organizations to quickly detect and diagnose Internet routing issues that impact the availability and security of traffic as it traverses the Internet. BGP visibility also serves as a critical element of ThousandEyes’ publicly-available Internet reporting and incident analyses, which provide rich, in-depth insight to the IT community on the health of the Internet and key applications and services.  

The addition of Code BGP to the ThousandEyes team will enrich ThousandEyes’ already accomplished pool of Internet research and engineering talent, enabling the company to increase its BGP monitoring capabilities and pace of innovation so that it can accelerate customers’ troubleshooting and optimization efforts in delivering the best possible digital experiences to users.   

The Code BGP team brings extensive expertise and applied research experience in Internet routing and measurement. The research of the founders has been published in the world’s leading conferences and journals, such as ACM SIGCOMM, ACM Internet Measurement Conference, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Science Magazine, and IEEE INFOCOM. 

Its founders are also among the creators of the ARTEMIS open source software for real-time BGP prefix hijacking detection and mitigation. Similarly, Code BGP’s monitoring solution offers real-time detection of BGP hijacking, route leaks, and RPKI issues.