ESET Named Among Overall Leaders In MDR

ESET was awarded the highest designation in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Managed Detection & Response (MDR) 2023 – being recognized not only as a MARKET LEADER but also as an OVERALL LEADER.

KuppingerCole, an international and independent trusted industry analyst organization, has conducted a comprehensive evaluation of MDR providers based on standardized criteria in the areas of Product, Innovation, and Market position.

In the respective report, ESET has been recognized as a market leader and an overall leader. The report provides an overview of the market for MDR services that manage a collection of cybersecurity technologies for a client organization to provide advanced cyber threat detection and response capabilities. As assessed by KuppingerCole, the overall leadership rating provides a combined view of the ratings for product, innovation, and market leadership. Market Leadership combines scores for various market-related factors, including: the number of customers, geographic distribution of customers, size of deployments and services, size and geographic distribution of the partner ecosystem, and the financial health of the participating companies.

KuppingerCole assesses vendor solutions on five key criteria – Security, Functionality, Deployment, Interoperability, and Usability – with “Strong Positive” as the highest possible rating. According to the overall rating, ESET PROTECT MDR has achieved the highest “Strong Positive” score in the Deployment and Usability categories, and received a rating of “Positive” in Security and Functionality.

Moreover, KuppingerCole likewise assessed the vendors based on four additional criteria, again with “Strong Positive” being the highest possible rating. ESET’s solution achieved a Strong Positive assessment in three out of four – Market Position, Financial Strength, and Ecosystem.

As underlined by the report, ESET PROTECT MDR is an enterprise-grade MDR solution that provides complete cyber risk management, robust threat hunting, and world-class ESET expertise on call. It covers all major operating systems and browsers with flexible deployment options. Backed by dedicated threat hunting, extensive threat intelligence sources, user behavior analytics, and insider threat detection, ESET PROTECT MDR ensures robust security for organizations of all sizes, allowing them to outsource their SOC and focus on their core business. KuppingerCole cites ESET PROTECT MDR’s Deployment and Usability functions as a core strength. As mentioned in the report, ESET PROTECT MDR offers a service for assistance with initial setup and an expert team for assisting in incident analysis and remediation.

Several strengths of ESET PROTECT MDR were highlighted in the KuppingerCole report:

  • ESET PROTECT MDR is a comprehensive managed detection and response solution with a simple, bundled pricing model. Mainly sold as a whole offering made up of ESET’s Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP), ESET Detection and Response (EDR), and other MDR-related services. Pricing is based on a per-seat per-year basis, so organizations can easily understand and budget for the service without complex pricing structures.
  • ESET’s MDR solution provides a personalized and tailor-made MDR service that caters to the specific needs of each organization. This ensures the service is customized to address different organizations’ unique security requirements and challenges.
  • Flexible deployment options allow organizations to select the most suitable deployment method for their IT environments. This flexibility means the ability to choose between cloud or on-prem deployment.
  • The solution also includes automated containment, empowering the system to automatically detect and instantly respond to threats, reducing response time and minimizing the impact of security incidents.
  • ESET PROTECT MDR is provided by a recognized European supplier of rich threat intelligence data. The solution leverages ESET’s extensive, always up-to-date threat intelligence sources to enhance its detection and response capabilities.
  • ESET’s solution features excellent local language support for its services and documentation. This is particularly valuable for organizations operating in multilingual environments, and facilitates better understanding and effective utilization of the MDR service.
  • ESET PROTECT MDR offers an open API, enabling seamless interoperability with third-party solutions.

“As cyber-attacks continue to evolve and the industry becomes increasingly complex, we continuously advance our enterprise solutions to achieve a modern competitive portfolio reflecting current customer needs and addressing future digital security challenges. Being recognized as an Overall and Market Leader in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass makes us immensely proud of our cutting-edge, most densely multilayered, and effective cybersecurity approach showcased in ESET PROTECT MDR,” said Pavol Balaj, Vice President of the Enterprise Segment at ESET. “This acknowledgment highlights the comprehensive capabilities of this solution, which takes ESET’s cutting-edge technology and augments it with hands-on assistance from highly trained Professionals backed by ESET’s teams of renowned researchers, operating across the globe, delivered 24/7/365, ensuring antimalware technology and strategy are perfectly aligned. It is a testament to our relentless drive for innovative solutions for our customers and reinforces our commitment to delivering industry-leading solutions.”

For more information about ESET’s results in the KuppingerCole report, click here.