Radware In Signature Partnership with Sycomp

Radware recently announced Sycomp as a Signature Partner, and since they have joined forces together both the companies have been able to secure a million-dollar deal with one of the top ten biotech companies in the U.S.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with Radware as our strategic partner and an industry leader in application and network security,” said Chris Ito, vice president of security sales at Sycomp. “As a Signature Partner, we share in a joint mission with Radware to deliver exceptional solutions and services to customers. Together, we are committed to helping organizations confidently navigate the digital landscape and securely achieve their business objectives.”

“The Signature Partnership is a strong endorsement of the expertise and capabilities that Sycomp brings to the table,” said Yoav Gazelle, Radware’s chief business officer. “Our major win in a highly regulated and competitive industry like biotech is a testament to the strong value proposition we deliver. Our joint customers will benefit from the combined strengths of Sycomp’s deep industry knowledge and Radware’s state-of-the-art network and application protection and delivery solutions.”

The biotech leader selected Radware in its search for a DDoS protection solution that could defend against volumetric and encrypted attacks as well as automatically mitigate zero-day attacks. In addition, the biotech was looking for a solution with flexible deployment options to suit the requirements of its global on-prem and cloud environment. To increase its global cyber defenses, the biotech chose Radware’s DefensePro DDoS Protection, Cloud DDoS Protection Service and Emergency Response Team Service.

Radware’s market-leading DDoS protection solution, including its DefensePro and Cloud DDoS Protection Service, leverages patented behavioral-based detection, automatic signature creation, and sophisticated SSL attack mitigation to protect organizations against today’s most dynamic and damaging DDoS threats. The solution provides automated protection against Burst, DNS, and TLS/SSL attacks as well as ransom DDoS campaigns, IoT botnets, phantom floods, and other types of cyber threats.

Radware’s cyber security solutions are backed by its Emergency Response Team. The group of security experts provides fully managed, 24×7 support, and mitigation services for customers facing network- and application-layer attacks.