Cybersecurity startup, Prikus Tech raises $6.2 Mn in seed funding

Indian cybersecurity startup, Prikus Tech raised USD 6.2 Million in a seed funding round, and the money raised will be attributed towards the launch of PrikSec, a unified Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) platform catering to enterprise penetration testing needs.

The company has cultivated a strong base in India since it was launched in 2018 and now it boosts over 30 employees and 50 paying customers, across Banking, Computer software and Government verticals. Prikus Tech aims to fuel its rapid growth with this funding and the investments will be done in product innovation, team and expansion of the company’s enterprise client base in India, UAE, U.S. and European markets.

Prikus Tech uses a hybrid approach to deliver Penetration Testing services using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation and Human PenTesters (also known as Ethical Hackers). Unlike other security offerings in the market, Prikus Tech with their AI and Automation doesn’t aim to replace Humans from the value chain. However, the AI helps to scale the human PenTesters so they focus on discovering more severe security gaps. By doing this Prikus Tech delivers a unique SaaS based Pen Testing offering that is comprehensive, fast, and scalable.

“Our clients are investing millions in expanding their application landscape and amplifying their cloud presence. This poses a huge challenge for continuous security posture management and traditional pen testing that is completely human dependent fails to meet this speed and scalability challenge”, said Prameel Arjun, Prikus Group – Founder & CEO. He further adds ” Prikus’s focus on a hybrid approach resonates well with our clients and helps them look beyond consulting firms or crowdsourced solutions. We are honoured to have VCs and individual investors supporting us in the seed round of funding, sharing my vision of revolutionizing the traditional approach to Pen Testing.”