CyberKnight Brings Traceable AI To The Middle East

To support the Middle East’s enterprise and government organizations better protect sensitive data and stop API abuse, CyberKnight has become the value-added-distributor for Traceable that allows for discovery and security posture management, threat protection and threat management, across the entire SDLC. As the industry’s first and only Zero Trust API Access (ZTAA) solution, Traceable actively reduces organizations’ attack surface by minimizing or eliminating implied trust for APIs.

According to Gartner, by 2024 API attacks would be one of the most common attack vectors while “API abuses and related data breaches will nearly double”. There will be a continued demand for robust security platforms that work across the entire API development lifecycle. Based on the report by Future Market Insights, the demand for API security solutions will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.3% between 2022 and 2032, totaling around $10B in revenue by 2032.

“Besides the exponential growth of the API security market we have observed how integral APIs have become to organizations business objectives. APIs present a fundamental challenge for legacy security tools, such as web application firewalls (WAFs) and API gateways, which cannot detect attacks against APIs. We are thrilled to partner with Jyoti, Sanjay and Traceable, the most robust API Security platform in the market, mapped to the industry’s first API Security Reference Architecture for Zero Trust.”, commented Wael Jaber, Chief Strategy Officer at CyberKnight.

“APIs are now a universal attack vector. Nowadays adversaries can simply exploit an API, and obtain access to sensitive data, and not even have to exploit other areas. This is why organizations need to take API security seriously and make it an integral part of their cybersecurity strategy. Through the partnership with CyberKnight, a leading cybersecurity VAD in the Middle East, we aim to extend our regional coverage and help customers achieve comprehensive API protection,” added Jyoti Bansal, Co-Founder & CEO at Traceable.