SentinelOne Supercharges Cloud Security With Enhanced Wiz Integration

SentinelOne has announced the general availability of its integration with Wiz, along with a new benefit: early access to Singularity Skylight, a powerful solution that seamlessly ingests third-party data into SentinelOne’s Singularity Security DataLake.

“Organizations have too much data in too many silos, leading to an incomplete picture of security risks,” said Ely Kahn, Vice President of Product Management for Cloud Security and AI/ML, SentinelOne. “By enriching real-time cloud threat detections from SentinelOne with issues identified by Wiz in one security data lake, customers can triage and resolve security findings faster and more effectively, and better support agile innovation in the cloud.”

Cloud Security Transformed
SentinelOne Singularity Skylight is uniquely designed to make data normalization and ingestion simple. And customers with both SentinelOne and Wiz can use it to their advantage. When SentinelOne detects a runtime threat to a cloud server or container, it automatically enriches the threat details with relevant context from Wiz about that cloud resource, including any vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and exposed secrets and delivers it within the SentinelOne management console. Using the innovative technology, joint customers can:

  • Streamline Analysis and Incident Response. By enriching real-time threat detections from SentinelOne’s Cloud Workload Protection Program (CWPP) with Wiz Issues on the underlying cloud infrastructure, Singularity Skylight arms cloud security practitioners with additional context they can use to make better, more informed decisions.
  • Simplify Threat Hunting. With Singularity Skylight, security teams can proactively and intuitively hunt across real-time cloud workload telemetry, misconfigured resources, excessive permissions, and more, to uncover and solve cloud threats before they disrupt operations.
  • Supercharge Investigations. Using Singularity Skylight, organizations can democratize security, providing analysts at all levels – from entry-level admin to sophisticated threat hunter – with powerful tools they can use to easily filter, compute, and extract new fields and triage, investigate and respond to suspicious and malicious activity in real-time.

“Cloud security continues to become more complex, and today’s fragmented solutions make it difficult to manage,” Kahn said. “To successfully protect against threats in a constantly evolving landscape requires an end-to-end approach and our enhanced integration with Wiz allows us to deliver it.”