GoDaddy Reveals New Cyber Security Offering

GoDaddy has announced the launch of its latest cyber security offering; a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Setup Service; a more cost-effective way to set up SSL certificates for entrepreneur and small businesses customers who have simple websites with limited budgets.

The new security feature, part of GoDaddy’s security offering, including Website Security and a full range of SSL certificates, is a more economical option that will help keep a site safe and secure. Entrepreneurs and small business owners who do not need ongoing support, can benefit from this new service. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Setup Service means GoDaddy experts only install configure and troubleshoot the SSL certificates. This new service can eliminate frustration and saving entrepreneurs time to allow them to create, manage and grow their business, or their clients’ online presence.

Selina Bieber, Commercial Strategy Senior Director, International Markets at GoDaddy said, “GoDaddy are proud to evolve our offering to suit a range of customers. The SSL Setup Service is the latest addition to GoDaddy’s existing fully Managed SSL service, helping entrepreneurs and small business owners focus on their businesses by giving them all the tools they need to grow online,.”

To help ensure the safety and security of customers’ websites as well as that of their own end customers, the new security proposition is equipped with security features including redirect to https, update of all mixed content to ensure the padlock shows in browser address bars, sitemap update so that Google recognizes that the site is loading securely over https, WAF settings update if the site has a firewall to ensure full encryption. A benefit of having a secure website is that it, in turn, boosts Google rankings, and is supported by GoDaddy experts 24/7.

Purchasing an SSL is just the first step in protecting a site and the customer’s sensitive visitor information. The SSL also must be set up, requiring multiple steps and often a higher technical know-how to accomplish. This can create a frustrating experience for a small-to-medium sized business owner (SMB) or even busy website professionals (Pros). For a small fee, SMBs and Pros can have GoDaddy setup the SSL to make sure it is functioning as expected on their site.

Furthermore, customers can always pay a web development professional to install and develop their website. The new proposition offers the competitive benefit to customers of ease and peace of mind of not having to manage a relationship with the professional.

The new product also allows for installation and configuration management and mixed content update service which is not readily available in the market.