Entrust And sirar by stc To Strengthen Cybersecurity In Saudi Arabia

Entrust has partnered with KSA cyber security provider sirar by stsc to further strengthen cyber security protocols by providing Entrust’s high-end digital security solutions.

Empowering organizations to take control of their cyber capabilities and digital environments, sirar by stc will have Platinum status in providing Entrust products as part of a zero-trust strategy such as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) tools, Identity, Hardware Security Module (HSM), key management – all ‘as-a-service’ offering as well as on-premise solutions.

The landmark partnership agreement that will further strengthen the presence of Entrust in the Kingdom was signed by (from left to right in the picture) Ahmed Hussain, Regional Sales Manager – MEA, Gary McVie, Sales VP – Digital Security; Mohamed Eissa, Strategic Sales Director – Middle East and Africa; and Alaa Zahran, Regional Sales Manager from Entrust, and for sirar bt stc present were Fahad A. Abotaleb – Chief Sales Officer; Aiman H. Al-Jumoay – Chief Delivery and Advisory Officer; Hesham Wanees – Product Management Expert; and Noor Al-Njaidi – Corporate Communications Specialist.

Announcing the partnership, Mohamed Eissa, Strategic Sales Director – Middle East and Africa, at Entrust, said: “We are honored to work with sirar by stc and contribute to strengthening cybersecurity resilience in the Kingdom in the face of increasing cyber security threats and vulnerabilities globally. Through this partnership, government entities and businesses can implement the best-in-class cybersecurity solutions that are mission-critical for any operating environment today. With Saudi Arabia   has emerged as a powerhouse in empowering organizations to build their cyber capabilities, will deliver long-term value and strengthen our presence in the Kingdom.”

Ibrahim Al-Robia, Product Management and Growth General Manager at sirar by stc

Ibrahim Al-Robia, Product Management and Growth General Manager at sirar by stc, added that “over the years, the Kingdom has implemented strategic plans towards enhancing cybersecurity initiatives and supporting organizations both Private and Public in efforts to deploy more advanced solutions. Our mission is to deliver state of art offerings that help organizations detect and prevent cybersecurity attacks and safeguard our digital futures in line with vision 2030 objectives. As one of the leading cybersecurity providers in the Kingdom, sirar by stc along with its partners from Entrust provides cutting edge solutions that help develop and sustain the cybersecurity infrastructure of Saudi Arabia.”

Through the partnership, Entrust can build and maintain relationships at the highest level of Government and Enterprise customers by delivering innovative and advanced solutions. This will be driven by the proven track record of sirar by stc as a key supplier of framework agreements with leading Government and Enterprise customers in the Kingdom.

The entire range of Entrust’s zero-trust solutions including certificate solutions, PKI, identity and access management, encryption key management and hardware security modules will be available through sirar by stc through the partnership.