NETSCOUT deploys Arbor Cloud DDoS Scrubbing Center in Dubai

NETSCOUT reinforced its commitment to the Middle East by deploying an Arbor Cloud DDoS Scrubbing Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Middle East has emerged as a dynamic and rapidly growing digital hub, with organizations of all sizes embracing digital transformation. However, this digital growth has also attracted malicious actors seeking to disrupt critical online services and compromise sensitive data. DDoS attacks have become increasingly prevalent, targeting organizations of all sizes and industries. The EMEA region alone experienced over 3.9 million DDoS attacks in 2022, according NETSCOUT’s latest Threat Intelligence Report.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by organizations in the Middle East, NETSCOUT is reinforcing its dedication to the region by establishing a specialized DDoS Scrubbing facility.

With advanced threat detection systems in place, the center promptly identifies and eliminates malicious traffic, enabling uninterrupted flow of legitimate traffic. This proactive method effectively minimizes the impact of DDoS attacks, ensuring seamless business operations.

With the establishment of an Arbor Cloud scrubbing center in Dubai, customers in the UAE and the broader Middle East region benefit from reduced network transit latency. Instead of routing traffic to a distant center in another country, local traffic that originates and terminates within the region is now directed to the Dubai center. As a result, the overall network transit time is significantly reduced, as most of the traffic profile remains within the region.

Moreover, the Dubai-based scrubbing center enables organizations to fulfill compliance and regulatory requirements specific to the Middle East, particularly in sectors such as finance and government. Ensuring that traffic and data remain within the region, organizations can adhere to data sovereignty regulations and effectively address the unique compliance needs of their respective industries.

This new scrubbing center is part of NETSCOUT’s Arbor Cloud solution. As part of NETSCOUT’s Adaptive DDoS Defense solution, Arbor Cloud delivers a comprehensive cloud-based service for managing and mitigating DDoS attacks. This service can be automated or provided on-demand, protecting against complex multi-vector DDoS attacks.

The opening of the scrubbing center in Dubai expands the global network of Arbor Cloud attack mitigation scrubbing centers to a total of 15 worldwide with a dedicated capacity of 15 terabits per second (Tbps), providing robust defense against sophisticated DDoS attacks.

“Our decision to establish a DDoS Scrubbing Center in the UAE demonstrates our unwavering commitment to the region,” said Gaurav Mohan, VP of SAARC and Middle East at NETSCOUT. “We understand the distinct challenges faced by organizations operating in this vibrant digital landscape and aim to equip them with the highest level of cybersecurity protection. By bolstering our local presence, we reinforce our promise to be a trusted partner for Middle Eastern businesses.”

The newly introduced DDoS Scrubbing Center combines advanced technology with a team of knowledgeable cybersecurity professionals. Functioning as a centralized hub, this facility intercepts, analyzes, and mitigates DDoS attacks in real-time, ensuring uninterrupted access to online resources and the security of critical data.