CyberKnight offers Citalid’s Cyber Risk Quantification Solution in the Region

CyberKnight has partnered with Citalid, a global leader in the Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) domain. The Citalid’s CRQ platform merges threat and business intelligence to detect risk scenarios and actively measures the potential financial risk exposure.

Citalid is the only solution which combines the advanced and constantly evolving knowledge of cyber threats with AI, and then simulates the ROI of security investments. The platform assesses the defensive maturity of the target by utilizing globally recognized evaluation criteria such as CIS 20, NIST, ISO, and others.

“Citalid complements Security Scorecard, our Cybersecurity Risk Rating Platform vendor, by importing Security Scorecard’s ratings for assessing and quantifying the risk posed through third parties. Adding Citalid’s Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) platform to our Zero Trust Security focused portfolio will support regional organizations with mitigating risks, predicting impact, prioritising investment, and making smarter decisions around cyber risk.”, commented Avinash Advani, Founder & CEO at CyberKnight.

“Not every risk is created equal. Cyber Risk Quantification allows organizations to simplify predictions of the impact and likelihood of different types of cyber-attacks. Having CyberKnight as our Middle East value-added-distributor enables us to extend our footprint in the region and embed our global CTI expertise into their best-of-breed portfolio.”, added Jerome Vosgien, Head of Partnerships at Citalid.