Kaspersky Launches Cybersecurity Training Program in Saudi Arabia

Kaspersky has announced its Training and Internship program in Saudi Arabia, further fueling its commitment to build national capabilities within the cybersecurity sector in the Kingdom. One of the many initiatives pioneered by Kaspersky, this program is open for all students and aims to increase cybersecurity awareness, while enabling skills and knowledge sharing to defend against the evolving threats of today’s cyber reality.

The training program will be held online and offline and will be divided into two categories to expand reach, explore various areas of an ever-challenging threat landscape, and accommodate students with and without a background in IT or cybersecurity. The ‘Basic’ training category is developed for students with minimal knowledge of cybersecurity, with sessions designed to increase their level of cyber hygiene and understand the fundamentals of digital wellbeing using Kaspersky’s products. On the other hand, the ‘Advanced’ training category requires students to have profound knowledge in the field. The goal is to conduct deep dive sessions into Kaspersky’s areas of expertise and key products. Top ranking trainees in the ‘Advanced’ category will be awarded with an internship at Kaspersky.

“Saudi Arabia has a resilient cyber defense and holds a promise of becoming a global cybersecurity hub in the near future. This ambition requires a robust talent pipeline, one that has a strong foundation in cybersecurity education, is equipped with the right skills to navigate the persistent and evolving cyberspace, and have the expertise to direct the industry towards an innovative path. Our training and internship program in the Kingdom efficiently addresses these needs. We believe education to be one of the core tools in our arsenal of improving the cybersecurity awareness culture, which is much needed as we progress to a hyper digitized era. Nothing is impossible with quality education,” said Mohamad Hashem, General Manager for Saudi Arabia & Bahrain at Kaspersky.