(ISC)² UAE Chapter partners Huawei to promote cybersecurity awareness

(ISC)² UAE Chapter partnered with Huawei to showcase its portfolio and share its expertise in the cybersecurity industry with visitors during the recently concluded GISEC Global 2023. The joint participation aimed at promoting cybersecurity awareness, professional training and certification while contributing to the development of the local cybersecurity ecosystem.

This collaborative approach helps forge a robust talent pool within the local cybersecurity ecosystem in the UAE. Moreover, ongoing collaboration between (ISC)² UAE Chapter and Huawei helps to proactively respond to UAE’s capacity-building efforts in cybersecurity.

Suresh Nair, (ISC)² UAE Chapter President said: “As the leading global organization involved in cybersecurity training and certifications, (ISC)² UAE Chapter has been consistent in our support for UAE’s cybersecurity, digital security protection and digital trust with world-class skilled experts, advanced ideas, and practical knowledge. Our efforts also help furnish UAE cybersecurity professionals with the skills and competencies to safeguard the country’s digital economy. Further, our partnership with Huawei efficiently expands our interaction with the local cybersecurity ecosystem to help protect the country’s critical assets.”

Aloysius Cheang, Chief Security Officer, Huawei Middle East & Central Asia, said: “The collaborative exhibition between (ISC)² UAE Chapter and Huawei at GISEC is one in a series of partnerships to develop a strong and vibrant local cybersecurity ecosystem. Simultaneously, the presentations at GISEC mark a new milestone in strengthening a cybersecurity ecosystem with talented and professional cybersecurity experts.”

Clar Rosso, (ISC)² Global Chief Executive Officer, said: “A more secure, trustworthy and prosperous cybersecurity ecosystem requires joint efforts of diversified partners from professional associations, enterprises and regulatory authorities to keep forward. It is great to witness that (ISC)² UAE Chapter and Huawei working together to promote cybersecurity awareness, professional training, and certification for cybersecurity professionals in the UAE. While facilitating the country’s cybersecurity knowledge transfer and education, those efforts will ultimately nurture a strong cybersecurity talent pool to enhance UAE’s cybersecurity capacity building.”

This collaborative showcase is an excellent model for industry players and professional associations in the UAE. Such collaboration can also encourage more organizations to join to further boost the ecosystem.