Cisco to acquire Lightspin Technologies

Cisco is all geared to acquire Lightspin Technologies, a privately-held cloud security software company. Lightspin offers a holistic solution that provides end-to-end cloud security posture management (CSPM) across cloud-native resources. In today’s security climate, where the risk management needs of organizations can evolve overnight, it is vital that Cisco’s cloud security investments reflect the growing needs of its customers.

Lightspin takes a unique approach to contextualized cloud-security coverage, using graph-based technology to deliver key context, prioritization, and remediation recommendations. Cisco and Lightspin are aligned with a common goal to help customers modernize their cloud environments with end-to-end security and observability from build to runtime.

Expanding Cisco’s Cloud-Native Building Blocks
Over the past 18 months, Cisco has continuously invested in its cloud-native technologies portfolio across cloud security, connectivity, and observability to meet the growing needs of Cisco customers and their increasingly complex multi-cloud environments. With the addition of Lightspin, customers will be able to identify, prioritize, and remediate critical cloud security risks without the hassle of extensive configuration requirements.

Alongside these emerging cloud-native technologies, customers also need the right expertise with a deep understanding of the evolving critical attack paths, attack surfaces, and vulnerabilities that could impact their businesses. According to Cisco’s latest Cybersecurity Readiness Index, “Only 15% of organizations globally have a cybersecurity posture ‘Mature’ enough to defend against risks of a hybrid world.”

The Lightspin team has extensive technical expertise in cloud security, product development, and SaaS security products. The team’s experience supporting DevOps and DevSecOps with context and tooling will accelerate our ability to deliver the solutions and support needed to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities across cloud applications and environments.