Axis offers enterprises a scalable security journey

Rudie Opperman, Engineering and Training Manager, EMEA at Axis Communication talks with Security MEA about the growing need for physical security and also highlights that Axis boosts a wide portfolio for businesses to secure themselves with their solutions

Why is physical security so important for businesses in today’s time?
Physical security is critical for an enterprise because it helps control and manage the normal flow of people, vehicles, and operational processes. It keeps the enterprise safe and secure. When you add a layer of electronic security to this, you can start to automate and streamline those processes while also monitoring them. There’s a lot of potential for electronic security, the role of AI, and how we generate insights. However, at the end of the day, you still need physical components to secure your enterprise.

What are some of the best solutions for businesses?
The best solutions meet needs and offer the best return on investment. A small business may have a limited budget and may need to make sure the decisions they make now will lead to a good return in the future. The power of ONE, an Axis end-to-end solution that is tailored to the customer and includes video and audio, management software and licensing, offers easy integration and compatibility throughout its lifecycle. As businesses grow, they don’t need to rip their security system out and start over. Axis solutions are built to be both compatible and future-proof.

Why should businesses choose Axis over others?
Axis offers enterprises a scalable security journey. Our products are designed to be as open and flexible as possible, which means any business can deploy them, no matter how big or small that business is. Not everyone can predict what their business will look like or need five years down the line. Because Axis devices and solutions are compatible with industry standards and because we have incorporated cybersecurity protections into them, they are future proof. This means that businesses can scale and customise them as they go along.

What are your plans for 2023?
Axis believes in combining imagination with technology to create a smarter and safer world. In line with industry trends, we are heavily focused on cybersecurity and sustainability. When it comes to cybersecurity, we are constantly innovating to develop products and solutions that counter the threats of the day. As we generate and consume more data, cybersecurity helps ensure the authenticity and safety of that data. As for sustainability, we are always asking ourselves, “how do we do business and who do we do business with?”. By scrutinising our own business operations, we can improve ourselves while also helping to meet sustainability goals.

As an industry leader, we are always trying to lead from the front and set an example for others. That includes promoting education and raising awareness as a core part of our business. By informing people of the latest security technologies and how we can best use them, we help build a better world.