Entrust named Overall Leader in KuppingerCole Passwordless Authentication

Entrust has been cited as an Overall Leader in analyst firm KuppingerCole’s global 2022 Leadership Compass for Passwordless Authentication. The report provides an overview of the market for Passwordless Authentication products and services and contributing to the overall leader standing, Entrust appears as a leader across all three product, market, and innovation categories.

According to the report, “Entrust Identity and Access Management has an innovative set of capabilities for customers who need high security assurance authentication. For organizations that broadly utilize Entrust solutions, the Entrust Identity as a Service is a compelling option for organizations wishing to eliminate the reliance on passwords and the inconvenience of legacy MFA.” The report also highlights the company’s global presence and partner ecosystem as an enabler for delivering its solutions.

“Passwordless authentication is finally gaining widespread adoption, removing the need for passwords completely,” said Alejandro Leal, Research Analyst at KuppingerCole. “Although we’re seeing them implemented by more and more enterprises and even consumer-facing businesses, for many organizations this technology can be confusing and obscure. Our report is designed to help organizations find the technology providers with the best overall product, functionality, innovation and market vision for this category. As an overall leader, Entrust Identity credentials can be tailored to meet the needs and preferences of users.”

“For years, IT professionals have discussed the idea of passwords becoming obsolete. The issue with passwords is that they can easily be stolen and compromised. By replacing passwords with a high assurance passwordless solutions with proximity-based factors, organizations can effectively protect users against remote based account take over (ATO) attacks,” said James Lapalme, Vice President of Identity at Entrust. “By placing Entrust as a leader in passwordless authentication, KuppingerCole is validating our commitment to building best-in-class high assurance passwordless authentication solutions that can provide secure access with strong authentication for workforce, consumer and citizen use cases. Furthermore, high assurance passwordless can form a central part of a zero trust framework establishing an identity centric approach to security. Having a mature zero trust framework with trusted identities not only produces considerable advancements in security, but also lowers costs and complexity while offering more peace of mind for cybersecurity teams, business and IT leaders, and end-users.”

The Entrust Identity and Access Management solution offers multiple high assurance passwordless options, one of which is the mobile smart credential which uses PKI based cryptographic keys combined with biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition over Bluetooth to ensure strong proximity-based authentication that is resistant to remote based ATO attacks. This ensures that the credential holder is, in fact, the credential owner, protecting workers’ digital identities and corporate assets. Capabilities highlighted in the report include issuing credentials that utilize their mobile device, including mobile push authentications, one-time passwords (OTPs), FIDO keys or smart credentials secured by PKI. The platform also includes an innovative proximity-based authentication capability that allows for email signing and encryption. In addition, Entrust Identity adaptive risk engine evaluates device type, IP address, geo-location and velocity, and user attributes to assess whether risk level during an authentication request from a user is below a defined threshold and take corresponding actions to issue a new authentication challenge requiring a new MFA authenticator or denying the request.”

In addition, Entrust IAM also supports the latest FIDO Passkeys capability that aim to accelerate the journey to passwordless especially for customer IAM use cases.