Infopercept can help organizations of all sizes on their cybersecurity journey

Jitendra Bulani, Chief Marketing Officer at Infopercept in conversation with Security MEA talks about taking the company globally and delivering growth with ROI-driven marketing

Congratulations on the new assignment, please describe the main reason for you to join Infopercept.
Things are changing very rapidly in the cybersecurity domain. To combat cyberattacks continuously and reduce risk, every organization needs to have defensive security, offensive security, and security compliance- all run in a 24×7 operations format.

There are very few companies that cover all these aspects of cybersecurity in such a format. In such circumstances, organizations go to different suppliers and from there the gaps in integration and synchronization starts. What made me inclined towards Infopercept is that it helps organizations cover their entire IT landscape through 24×7 operations of offensive, defensive, and compliance.

Kindly elaborate on your new role and what do you consider the biggest challenges for a CMO these days.
My major responsibility at the company is to position Infopercept among the leading cybersecurity providers globally, in such a way that it does justice to what they deliver to the customers globally.

The major challenge for a CMO in the cybersecurity space is how to break the messaging clutter and be noticed in a noisy market. There are thousands of players and all claim to cover all aspects of cybersecurity. In such a scenario, grabbing the mindshare of customers is a big challenge.

And, the second biggest challenge is to maintain a healthy balance between awareness and an ROI-driven marketing mix.

What is the strength of the company and which areas of cybersecurity does it caters to?
Infopercept’s biggest strength is that it can help organizations of all sizes at each stage of their cybersecurity journey. It can help organizations with their cybersecurity strategy and then with maintaining a healthy cybersecurity posture through continuous offensive and defensive security operations.

Infopercept covers everything that is needed from the detection and response side and covers every aspect of cybersecurity like defensive security through XDR and deception, offensive security through red teaming and breach & attack simulation tools, and security compliance through a platform and team. It also provides a platform and services for cloud security, DevSecOps, and has developed solutions for OT and IOT security which will be available soon.

How are you planning to take the brand global?
We have customers from different geographies. We will have a separate GTM strategy for each of the important geographies and are going to expand through strategic channel partners.

When is the company planning to make its foray into the Middle East and what is the roadmap for the region?
In the Middle East, we already have a presence through our partners in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. We plan to penetrate deeper into these countries and intend to expand into other countries in the Middle East region. The company also going to establish its direct presence soon in the region.

Cybersecurity is a crowded market, how are you going to position Infopercept?
Cybersecurity looks like a crowded market, but when we look at the volume of breaches worldwide, it is clear that demand is still higher than supply.

Infopercept is uniquely positioned to be an IP-led service company. We have the necessary tools and people to help organizations to achieve a continuous cybersecurity posture.

What will be your go-to-market strategy for the Middle East and how do you intend to create brand awareness?
The Middle East is an important market for us. Being a bootstrapped emerging company, we are going to adopt an ROI-driven approach in our marketing. We are sure to communicate our value proposition to the technology audience in a very targeted way.

With you onboard, what kind of growth is Infopercept looking to achieve in the next 12 months?
Infopercept has built a portfolio of solutions and service offerings and dedicated leadership for each approach to cybersecurity. In the next 12 months, we are going to cater to organizations from different geographies, verticals, and sizes.