SimSpace expands its global footprint

Announces the commercial availability of its upgraded SimSpace Cyber Force Platform

SimSpace has announced the commercial availability of its upgraded SimSpace Cyber Force Platform, expanding its footprint into a global market worth over $200 billion.

During a period of unprecedented geopolitical risk, leading organizations can now use the same advanced technology as US national cyber defenders and global intelligence agencies. SimSpace can compress three years of attacks into 24 hours to ensure the highest levels of mission and defensive readiness.

The Russian war in Ukraine has fuelled a near 50% increase in cyberattacks in the first half of 2022. Goldman Sachs predicts a Russian attack on US infrastructure could cost the economy up to $1 trillion. Businesses of national significance are seeking battle readiness for their cyber teams, and are using SimSpace’s high-fidelity range capabilities to improve team and process performance, consolidate tools, and reduce costs.

“SimSpace works to continuously improve the security posture of organizations and governments worldwide,” said William Hutchison, former US Cyber Command Leader and CEO of SimSpace. “Our Cyber Force Platform evolved from the requirements established by our US national cyber defenders and today drives a 48% time reduction to identify and remediate breaches, as well as a 56% improvement in cyber team retention to help businesses meet their financial objectives and regulatory requirements. We help executives, governments and security teams build world-class infrastructure and find solutions to highly complex cybersecurity challenges. The US government trusts SimSpace to protect their operations and personnel, thwarting sophisticated threat actors.”

To keep pace with its rapid growth, SimSpace is strengthening its leadership team by tapping James Gerber and Ross Brewer as CFO and EVP.

As part of their international expansion efforts, SimSpace has added to their global footprint with locations in London, Maryland (U.S.), Prague, Munich, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney to expand their global customer base, sales, and support operations.