How to secure your password?

We live in a world where young children need to create internet accounts to access the World Wide Web, for almost all of their entertainment as well as educational needs. The digital security workshop at the ongoing 12-day Sharjah International Book Fair is teaching teenagers, 16 and above, how to create hack-proof passwords.

“In this workshop, we are tackling a very challenging problem of cyber security. Not only do teenagers get introduced to cyber security terminology, they learn how to make a secure password and even get to try our simulation tool to see how cyber-attacks actually happen in real life,” says Baraa Al Jilani, COO of Fun Robotics.

Since teenagers usually prefer a more hands on approach to figure things for themselves, each 45-minute session has been specifically designed using graphic interface as well as stimulating videos, to show the teens how attacks take place and then challenge them to try and resolve it.

Excited after his session, student Ahmed Fawaz said he learnt hackers usually use the English dictionary to make word combinations and crack passwords. “Having this knowledge can help them from the age of 12 right until they are adults. They can even teach their parents and grandparents,” adds Al Jilani.