ESET refreshes its product portfolio to protect consumers

ESET today announced a refresh of its award-winning consumer products. These include a host of new and improved features designed to enhance privacy, improve router protection, help prevent brute-force attacks and always on “Secure All Browser” mode. The product suite is enhanced by Intel Threat Detection Technology, Intel’s hardware-based ransomware detection technology found on Intel Core processors to further boost our ransomware protection.

The latest update of ESET’s consumer product portfolio brings improvements to Network Inspector, a diagnostic tool that provides information about the home router and lists all the devices connected to it.

As the number of cyberattacks rises and the security landscape continues to evolve, consumers increasingly require a well-rounded digital security solution. ESET provides them with the confidence needed to continue to enjoy technological progress and safely undertake all the online activities that make their lives better without relinquishing digital security.

“Unfortunately, as consumers spend more and more time online and have a growing number of connected devices, they are becoming increasingly valuable to malicious actors,” explains Matej Krištofík, Senior Product Manager for Consumer Endpoint Security at ESET. “To help combat this, ESET is offering consumers a complete digital security solution that will keep them safe across all their devices no matter where they are on their digital journey.”

In addition, the management platform ESET HOME now allows even better protection by requiring two-factor authentication to log in to the account and providing a better overview of the user’s protection status by adding overall protection status to the home screen.

With the latest updated version of our Android product ESET Mobile Security — which will be released shortly — consumers will benefit from a fresh redesign of the main dashboard, along with newly added functionalities that enhance privacy. These include SMS and Notification protection, which both defend against malicious links, warning users before they open them.

ESET Mobile Security is a solution that ensures security against most common Android cyberattacks. It provides users with security against malicious software that can hold mobile devices and data hostage.

“ESET’s prevention technology is the most densely multilayered and effective around. The refresh of our consumer offering will help tech-savvy and tech-novice consumers alike mitigate the threat of cybercriminals playing havoc with their devices and data,” says Krištofík. “This will allow them to bank and shop online carefree; keep their passwords safe; encrypt their data; shield their webcams; check the security of their connected devices; locate and secure missing laptops; and get a personal, customized monthly security report to help keep their entire family safe.”