Gulf Cyber Security Conference & Exhibition awards Huawei ‘Best Cybersecurity Assurance’

Accolade follows Huawei’s successful attainment of over 70 global cybersecurity certificates

Huawei was honored with the ‘Best Cybersecurity Assurance’ award during the Gulf Cyber Security Conference & Exhibition that recently concluded its third edition in Kuwait. During the ceremony, Huawei was recognized for delivering innovative solutions to protect customers from cyber risks. The accolade follows Huawei’s successful attainment of over 70 global cybersecurity certificates, providing customers with globally recognized security assurances.

Under the patronage of the Central Agency for Information Technology and the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA), the two-day event welcomed subject matter experts from leading organizations, including the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense in Kuwait. Major General Mohammed Oqla Al-Enezi, Chief of the General Staff of the Kuwaiti Army, Dr. Ammar AlHusaini, Deputy Director-General at CITRA, Mrs. Laial AlMansoury, Director of Cyber Security at CITRA, along with diplomatic representatives, were among prominent attendees.

Key topics discussed during the event included emerging use cases for AI in industry, digital transformation, cyber-attacks, smart cities, cyber integration of critical IT infrastructure, operational technologies and IoT.

Kamal Zian, Chief Security Officer, Huawei Gulf North, said, “This award underpins our commitment to excellence and delivering exceptional experiences to ensure customer satisfaction. Huawei has delivered technology solutions to over 3 billion global users for over 30 years and in more than 170 countries and regions by over 1,500 carrier networks. Despite this breathtaking scale, Huawei has maintained a solid track record in security.”

The third edition of the Gulf Cyber Security Conference & Exhibition comes in light of the rapid acceleration in digital transformation in the GCC, which has led to increased cyber threats amid stringent measures taken by governments to counter potential threats. Governments in the region have set ambitious agendas that have digital transformation as a cornerstone of success to support businesses and provide advanced solutions for network security.