HID Global to highlight latest authentication solutions at GITEX 2022

Andrew Bull, Sr. Director, Strategic Sales (Banking & Finacial Enterprise), HID Global, emphasizes on the importance of GITEX as a platform to showcase new innovative authentication solutions.

What are the plans for you to be part of GITEX GLOBAL this year and why is it important for you to be part of the week long show?

HID Global has been powering and protecting the physical and digital identities of the world’s people, places and things for more than 30 years, and despite our stability and experience, we’re always striving to be at the forefront of the industry. Technologies and new demands are always emerging, and GITEX Global gives us a stage on which we can showcase how this focus on innovation is translated via our integrated solutions—from secure issuance of documents to seamless authentication and management of these documents, to contactless biometric enrolment and verification.

Please highlight the products and solutions that you will be showcasing at the GITEX?

We will showcase the latest solutions in Identity Authentication Management Solutions (IAMS) for zero-trust environments, identity authentication and verification using biometric, RFID and document validation technologies, and Secure Issuance (SI), including an affordable high-speed ID and card printer.

Which are the major cybersecurity trends influencing the Middle East?

Earlier this year, HID Global outlined seven trends that are shaping the security industry, including sustainability, data analytics and artificial intelligence, contactless biometrics, and zero-trust security. The security and identity industry is experiencing a new age of digital transformation and it is driving other game-changing concepts. Servitization — the idea of moving from product-centric to service-centric models—is one such example. As organizations embrace the digital revolution, new paths open for new service models and service-led growth. Against this backdrop, security is enabled to deliver added value and drive specific outcomes.

Digital transformation is also redefining how we perceive and define identity. Not only is there a push toward digital IDs, there is also a larger push for identities that aren’t siloed and tethered to the issuing institution. In other words, we are moving toward a self-sovereign identity. Individuals want the ability to interact in the digital world with the same freedom and capacity for trust as they do in the offline world. And they want to do it with more autonomy. In theory and in practice, this creates a fluid perimeter where, essentially, identity is the only boundary. The security and identity industry must then recognize that these shifts have privacy implications that should be recognized and proactively addressed.

Although security has long been a critical aspect of operations, enablers are emerging that have a massive impact on capabilities and efficiency. The cloud, and subsequently, the Internet of Things (IoT) are creating new opportunities for security applications both in logical and physical security settings. The nearly limitless computing power, storage and scalability of the cloud have introduced the ability to implement powerful solutions, such as SaaS-delivered identities.

How does your offerings enable organisations to enhance their cybersecurity preparedness in the new normal?

The global pandemic has changed how we live, work, and conduct regular business for years to come. Over the past several months, we’ve been talking to and working with our customers with the goal of enabling a safe return to work and beyond. One thing we’ve noticed is that the complexity and number of challenges an organization faces vary depending on location. We’ve learned that in the mid to long term, and on a global scale, there are several proactive measures and best practices that our customers are taking to help them safely return to work.

Some of these measures include solutions that enable enhanced workplace access control and screening, such as HID WorkforceID Visitor Management and credential management HID SAFE (physical identity and access management). We also help business enable a safe remote workplace with Smart cards and smart keys and PKI-As-as-service, to name a few.

What message would you like to give to the customers visiting the show and why should they meet you?

HID Global is helping businesses across the region return to normal and thrive in the digital world with solutions that streamline the daily challenges of managing identity credentials, verification and authentication. With consistent communication and planning across the organization, some businesses are already on the right track. And because our solutions are built upon open-source technologies, access control of the workplace, identity verification and authentication, secure issuance of credentials and IDs, and regulatory compliance are all possible without the need to reinvent the wheel.

What are your expectation from this year’s GITEX?

We are expecting for visitors to have a solid understanding of how HID Global has helped businesses across the region thrive in a zero-trust digital universe. HID Global has been participating at GITEX for more than a decade now and given that this year’s show is bigger and better, we are looking forward to helping our visitors, partners and customers gain a wider vision on how HID is helping them overcome challenges in identity access management and verification, as well as secure issuance. We are also looking forward to connecting partners with customers and vice versa, helping them to exchange knowledge and ideas for future endeavours in security.

Where can we find you at GITEX? (booth no and hall no)

You can visit HID Global in hall 5, at booth A15