LogRhythm unveils new groundbreaking, cloud-native security operations platform, LogRhythm Axon

LogRhythm unveils LogRhythm Axon, a groundbreaking, cloud-native security operations platform to provide a much-needed force multiplier to overwhelmed security teams who are expected to confidently, effectively, and efficiently defend against cyberattacks.

Out of the gate, Axon provides an easy and intuitive way for security teams to achieve seamless visibility across both cloud and on-prem log sources, establishing a foundation for their security practices.

Chris O’Malley, CEO of LogRhythm

“As allies in the fight against digital weaponization, we are obsessed with continuously improving the way we work to deliver innovation customers care about,” said Chris O’Malley, CEO of LogRhythm. “We are dedicated to helping customers meet rising security expectations by keeping our promise of delivering quarterly innovation to both the Axon platform as well as our entire product portfolio. With LogRhythm Axon, SIEM, NDR, and UEBA, we are helping busy and lean security teams proactively detect threats, efficiently investigate incidents, and ultimately keep their business and customers safe, day after day.”

LogRhythm Axon furthers the company’s commitment to becoming a trusted security partner to customers and partners by ensuring their security operations teams have unmatched visibility to confidently secure their environments. Key Axon benefits include:

  • Simplified collection and enrichment of logs to boost SecOps productivity and efficiency
  • Enhanced reporting of threats to reduce the workload of an analyst
  • Intuitive interface that enhances visualization and searchability of logs to help security teams and analysts easily investigate threats
  • Reduced burden of hardware infrastructure and software upgrades on the security team