Credence Security roadshows to focus on digital forensics

Leading regional distributor of specialized solutions in cybersecurity, forensics, governance, risk and compliance, Credence Security, announced a four-city roadshow to be held under the theme, ‘Take Your Investigations to the Next Level’.

The event will explore the latest innovations, trends and opportunities in the field of Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR). Bringing together pre-eminent industry experts and vendors, the event will provide security professionals with deep technical skills and practical knowledge essential to leverage forensic-driven incident response and keep ahead of today’s cybercriminals.

The upcoming Credence Security Roadshow will provide high-level insights from the top executives and leading experts from Credence Security’s key vendors including Exterro, Voyager Labs and Teel Technologies. This roadshow will deep dive into unique presentations and case studies on how to enable advanced investigation solutions and assist analysts to easily search massive amounts of data, uncover hidden relationships and generate leads in a traditional environment.

In addition, attendees will also get a chance to hear from other leading Digital Forensics vendors such as Medex, Kinesense and Oxygen Forensics on how investigative and analysts teams can leverage technology to detect digital crime, identify child predators, and use forensics software to detect audio and video disparities for various devices and networks like mobile, cloud, wearables, computer artifacts, IoT and more.

“According to recent industry reports, the global digital forensics market is expected to reach US$9.68 billion in 2022. This growth is driven by growing stringent government regulations and the increasing number of cyber-attacks on enterprises. In order to stay ahead of today’s cyber threats, security teams need to understand how they can gain valuable insights from their threat data and identify ways to improve their digital forensics and incident response capabilities,” said Garreth Scott, Managing Director, Credence Security.

“As a leading speciality value-added distributor for cybersecurity and digital forensics, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge knowledge and skills to regional enterprises. In line with this, the upcoming Credence Security Roadshow has been crafted to provide an interactive platform for security leaders to learn how they can take advantage of the latest tools and solutions available to defeat today’s adversaries. Moreover, each leg of the roadshow promises to be filled with practical insights and unique use cases from some of the industry leaders in the DFIR space.”

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