Stc pay launches “Scam the scammer” money fraud awareness campaign

stc pay — Saudi Arabia’s leading mobile wallet — has launched a money fraud awareness campaign to safeguard people across the Kingdom and protect their finances. The campaign, entitled “Scam the Scammer” that shines a light on the all-important steps consumers can take to make their financial transactions as safe and secure as possible.

As part of the campaign, the payments solutions provider has published an instructive manual, detailing how to identify and prevent financial fraud. The manual provides consumers crucial and timely guidance, showcasing different types of fraud, including scams committed on or via SMS, calls, links, emails, social media, websites, and ads.

Carefully curated to assist people with their day-to-day transactions, the manual and a video equips customers with the tools to effectively respond to such cases, teaching consumers how to handle fraudsters: how to “Scam the Scammer”.

“Scam the Scammer” has been launched in the wake of the Kingdom’s digital transformation. The campaign reiterates that, at a time when cybercrime and fraud threats are on the rise, customer safety remains of the utmost importance to the provider.

Accordingly, the mobile wallet continues to invest in fraud prevention, with the welfare and wellbeing of its customers being its number one priority.