Radware announces enhanced Bot Manager

Radware recently announced that the company has enhanced its Bot Manager with a new set of crypto mitigation algorithms. Inspired by blockchain methodologies, the algorithms help close security gaps that let sophisticated bots evade traditional CAPTCHA solutions to harm a website or application. At the same time, they enable genuine website visitors to enjoy a frictionless, CAPTCHA-free user experience.

“The bad bot problem continues to get bigger for organizations large and small. Bad bots are being used for everything from scavenging concert tickets and stockpiling baby formula and video game consoles to account take overs and credit card fraud,” said Dr. David Aviv, Radware’s chief technology officer. “Even though CAPTCHAs are a popular mitigation option and work for some use cases, they are no longer capable to defend against today’s scalable and sophisticated bots. Organizations must transition beyond a traditional one-size-fits-all solution to a multi-layered defense mechanism that can mitigate even the most advanced bot attacks.”

According to Radware research, there was a 144% increase in generation 4 bot attacks between 2021 and 2022. While usage of CAPTCHAs has been the most popular method of trying to keep bad bots from entering websites, CAPTCHAs can lead to a bad user experience, customer frustration, and churn. Moreover, by using various techniques to evade digital fingerprinting as well as anti-CAPTCHA plugins and CAPTCHA solving farms, bot masters can avoid CAPTCHAs altogether, which makes keeping internet properties secure from bots a greater challenge than ever before.

To counter these tactics, Radware’s new crypto mitigation algorithms form the basis for a new zero trust posture for publicly exposed web and API applications. Because the mitigation takes place behind the scenes, it’s invisible to visitors, which makes it not only difficult for bad actors to tamper with, but also creates a more seamless web experience for end users. To bolster application security, the mitigation is also continuous. It works with near zero grace periods to keep malicious bot machines occupied and exhaust their resources, as well as curbs the bot master’s motivation to attack.

For two consecutive years, Radware has been recognized as the technology leader in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix: Bot Management analysis of the global bot management market. The Radware Bot Manager protects against all forms of automated attacks, including account takeover, denial of inventory, application DDoS, ad and payment fraud, and web scraping.