Hive Pro appoints Pierre Noel as its new CISO

Hive Pro has appointed Pierre Noel as its new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with the vision of supporting growth in the company. He is an industry veteran and comes with 3 decades of work experience. He has been a CISO for two fortune 100 companies as well as unicorn and several startups. The organizations he has worked with are diverse in nature, including, IBM, Microsoft, KPMG and Huawei Technologies, to name a few.

Organizations need to gain better visibility and control over an increasingly diverse set of exposures and risks. Security operations technologies and concepts must enable this greater visibility and control. In such a dynamic global environment, the CISO role has become more vital than ever. Pierre has led cybersecurity practices at large enterprises and Hive Pro customers can leverage from the breadth and depth of Pierre’s experience as he will assist and guide enterprises to go beyond legacy technology to mitigate cyber risk.

Anand Choudha, CEO and Founder, Hive Pro Inc, says, “We are very excited as Pierre Noel joins our team and brings tremendous value as an active member within the CISO community. Pierre’s rich experience spanning over 3 decades as a CISO brings us closer to our customers to address their needs to quickly detect and mitigate threats within their expanding attack surface and reduce exposure.”

Pierre Noel, on his joining, says, “I am highly excited to be a part of Hive Pro. Along with the work that I will be doing, I am very happy with the quality of team that Hive Pro has. The team here is not only impressive but – even more importantly for me – they are natural friends, people you truly enjoy working with and relaxing with. Talking of its technology and their product, HivePro Uni5 is a quantum step in the incredibly complex field of vulnerability management and Breach Attack Simulation. I am amazed at what the company has produced thus far, the take-up from the community, and everything that is still in the development pipeline. This is surfing a very exciting wave and I can’t wait to get along that wave and embrace new tides.”