Stc Bahrain to offer Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Protection for SMEs

stc Bahrain, a world-class digital enabler, is the first telecom operator in Bahrain to secure its network through a cloud-based cybersecurity solution, launched to protect business clients from hacker attacks, expanding its product portfolio and setting new benchmarks.

Branded as “Web Protect”, the solution launched today for business customers of all sizes in Bahrain predominantly targeting SMEs. With no additional hardware or software installations requiring at customer end, this will make sure customers and their businesses are safe from cyber threats such as malware, phishing and botnets and ransomware attacks.

Benefitting SME’s and business customers, stc Bahrain is offering Web Protect bundled with Postpaid Voice, 5G and fiber broadband. Enabling SMEs to surf the internet safely by blocking malicious websites or contents automatically acting as the first line of defence. Web Protect also ensures customers safety by using an advanced threat intelligence platform that scans all users’ internet traffic and denies access to false websites set up by hackers that either steal payment information or install viruses. This is achieved by partnering with one of top global cyber threat intelligence platform service providers with team of world-class engineers, mathematicians, and security researchers actively monitor the threat landscape, so stc Bahrain business customers continue to stay one step ahead of bad actors.

Talking about Web Protect, Eng. Nezar Banabeela, stc CEO said, “The increasing number of cyber-attacks against businesses has put companies on high alert and fuelled demand for cyber security cover, specifically amongst SMEs. It’s crucial to integrate cybersecurity into their digital environments, be more proactive in guiding the insured and seek comprehensive support in risk management given their low-security budget, lack of cyber skills, and the rapidly changing and diverse nature of tech and their business”.

Our stc Web Protect delivers on this, built on Cyber Security innovations that support SMEs in understanding their security risks. In line with our business vision to introduce a diverse range of Cyber Security products and services that align with the rapidly changing nature of cyber-threats and provide protection for potential threats.

Web Protect cyber security addon is currently available for business customers with seamless no-touch activation enabling safe browsing for Postpaid Voice, 5G Broadband and Fiber Broadband. Retails at BD1.5 / months, which is also available free with some higher plans.