Trend Micro strengthens digital transformation journeys of regional enterprises at the AWS Transformation Day Dubai

Trend Micro has shared its industry-leading solutions and in-depth insights at the AWS Transformation Day Dubai at the Madinat Jumeriah Conference & Events Centre on June 21, 2022, aimed at safeguarding the region’s digital ambitions through the power of the cloud.

Building towards a more resilient digital environment, the one-day event explored business and technological advancements brought to the region’s organisations by utilising innovations in the cloud. From engaging keynotes to insightful sessions, attendees were provided with invaluable information on cloud technology that can transform the way companies achieve their digital goals.

“Today, cloud technology is imperative and has provided organisations with immediate benefits in security, scalability, and flexibility prompting them to make the transition and bolster their digital transformation journeys”, said Sami Ayyoub, Sales Manager, UAE, Trend Micro. “With the AWS Region in the UAE launching in the coming months, businesses will be empowered to accelerate their growth and fulfill potential by innovating in the cloud. We at Trend Micro remain committed to protecting the large-scale migrations and shielding enterprises in the country aiming to position themselves as industry leaders with robust capabilities of cloud services and state-of-the-art security solutions”.

Among the many insights and innovations, the company showcased the capabilities of Trend Micro Cloud One, simplifying cloud security through cloud migrations, workloads, conformity, network, cloud-native applications, and cloud operational excellence. The multi-layered, all-in-one solution includes comprehensive security to save time, and gain full visibility to achieve efficiencies and accelerated streamlined compliance.

Trend Micro solutions enable organisations to protect public, private, and virtual cloud environments, providing more flexibility and simplicity in securing the cloud throughout the migration and expansion process. Enterprises will gain increased visibility and consistent security throughout their entire digital infrastructure with the most security controls and integrations within existing toolsets, as well as enhancing workload and network security.