Kaspersky expands its network of Transparency Centers

Kaspersky has opened three additional Transparency Centers worldwide — in Japan, Singapore, and the United States. The new facilities expand opportunities for customers and partners to learn more about Kaspersky’s engineering and data processing practices, and review the company’s source code and other areas of the business.

The newly opened Transparency Centers will welcome the company’s enterprise partners and customers, including state agencies and regulators, responsible for cybersecurity. To make visits to Kaspersky’s Transparency Centers as rewarding as possible, the company offers several read-only review options based on visitors’ skills and their interests — ranging from a general overview of Kaspersky’s security and transparency practices, to a comprehensive review of Kaspersky’s source code under the guidance of the company’s experts.

Kaspersky provides its source code review solely for consultation purposes and follows the strictest access policy, which means a request for the source code review could be turned down in the event of security concerns. To ensure the integrity of its source code, Kaspersky provides read-only access to review its source code, which excludes the possibility of any modifications.

With the assistance of Kaspersky’s experts, visitors to the Transparency Centers can:

  • review the company’s secure software development documentation, and source code of the company’s key product portfolio, including flagship consumer and enterprise products, as well as all the versions of our software updates and threat detection rules;
  • rebuild the source code to ensure it corresponds to the publicly available modules. The compilation process – available at Transparency Centers – provides security assurance about the integrity of Kaspersky’s source code.
  • check the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for Kaspersky products to enhance supply chain security;
  • review the results of third-party security audits (such as the SOC 2 audit report and ISO 27001 assessment report) – both remotely and physically.

Andrey Efremov, Kaspersky’s Chief Business Development Officer, said “We are the first company in the cybersecurity industry to open our source code for external reviews. Kaspersky has been working hard to prove that we are a trustworthy and reliable partner. I would like to invite our potential and existing customers, and government regulators to our new Transparency centers and we will do our best to answer all possible questions about our source code, threat detection rules, software updates as well as about our engineering and data processing practices.”