Proofpoint integrates CASB with Okta to detect and remediate suspicious logins for cloud applications

Proofpoint today announced a product integration between its CASB solution and Okta, giving customers the ability to detect and remediate suspicious logins for all 7,000+ cloud applications federated through the Okta Identity Cloud.

With this announcement, Proofpoint CASB now supports the detection and remediation of suspicious logins in cloud applications federated by three popular identity providers: Microsoft Active Directory, Okta, and Google, covering the majority of today’s enterprise applications.

“Proofpoint is proud to have the first CASB that protects users from account takeovers in Microsoft, Google, and now Okta-federated cloud applications,” said Tim Choi, vice president of product marketing, Proofpoint. “Because our cloud security solutions integrate out of the box, it greatly accelerates our customers’ cloud security journey by empowering their teams to automatically remediate account takeovers instead of wasting valuable resources on manual response efforts. With Proofpoint and Okta, organizations can reduce the chances that their users are compromised, and respond faster when something goes wrong, so security teams can stay ahead of the next attack.”