Mastercard’s Digital First program delivers secure payment experience

For the digitally connected consumer who seeks immediacy and convenience, Mastercard’s Digital First program delivers an innovative and secure experience that makes it easier to pay and enjoy the value of the card in ways that personally matter.

Backed by the speed and security of Mastercard’s global network – including the Mastercard Processing platform to enable instant issuance – the Digital First program offers consumers the ease of applying online, instant digital card issuance, real-time card management and secure, straightforward online payments.

Mastercard’s’ Digital First program gives consumers a whole host of options in making payments – from ecommerce to contactless to QR, using any digital device of their choice. It also enables consumers to have control to manage their finances, as well as enhanced security for peace of mind. Not to mention, consumers get to interact with card benefits and offers, that deliver real value in moments that matter to them.

For the Digital First program across EEMEA, Mastercard network includes a cohesive list of Digital First partners. These technology and fintech partners have the expertise to simplify the process of bringing best-in-class capabilities into the issuer environment. Mastercard customers in EEMEA, can leverage the excellent global partnerships with end-to-end Digital First enablers, such as Thales, Network International and Verestro, along with regional partners with stellar reputations, such as FOO, Ukeshe, and Paymentology

Together with Mastercard, these players work with issuing banks to ensure the foundational requirements of the Digital First Card Program are met, which has been built to deliver an optimal and secure consumer experience by focusing on the following key areas:

  1. Online Application: Enables consumers to apply online and receive card information almost immediately upon issuer approval.
  2. Near-Instant Issuance: Gives cardholders access to their card information almost immediately to begin making purchases online, in app and at the point of sale through digital wallet offerings. A physical-optional card with a sleek, flexible design is also available to the cardholder.
  3. Quick Access to Card Details: Offers quick access to card information, including the 16-digit PAN, CVC2, expiration date and customer service information via digital environment, eliminating the need for it to be displayed on the physical card and enabling the cardholder to access it securely with ease.
  4. Simple and Easy Management: Allows cardholders to manage their payment credentials digitally, including access to transaction history and balance information, alerts, and access to card benefits.
  5. Enhanced Engagement: Enabling cardholders to access and receive benefits, offers, and loyalty solutions – that are highly personalized and relevant – through a digital environment

The expansion of Mastercard’s Digital First Card Program signals an industry-wide shift to providing consumers with end-to-end payments options at scale. By enabling processors with the technology and go-to-market strategy, more and more cardholders can experience the benefits of the Digital First Card Program.