emt Distribution and Gatewatcher presents solutions to counter advanced cyber threats

emt Distribution has announced an enhanced partnership with Europe’s leading cybersecurity software company specialising in the detection of advanced cyber threats, Gatewatcher.

Gatewatcher publishes a suite of solutions based on next-generation technologies that effectively protect organisations against intrusions. Thanks to a 360° view of cyber threats, Gatewatcher’s solutions, based on artificial intelligence, offer a flexible (cloud, on premise, hybrid), and scalable approach. They also facilitate the operations of cybersecurity teams for a better efficiency in the prioritization of their remediation actions.

“As cyberattacks are becoming more complex to detect day-by-day, cybersecurity experts have increasing challenges protecting their organizations especially their main and critical gateway which is their network.  AionIQ, Gatewatcher’s detection and response platform (NDR), identifies malicious actions and suspicious behaviours based on a mapping of all assets present on the IS. The combination of this capability with unprecedented performance in analysing malicious behaviour, even in the case of encrypted network flows, provides a 360° modelling of the level of cyber risk associated with each connection between assets and users. AionIQ delivers an unparalleled level of detection and visibility of cyber threats, whether known or unknown: Ransomware, APTs, zero-day vulnerability exploits, etc. Gatewatcher’s dedication on research and development of an uncommon solution will help many organizations and large enterprises in the region to maximize their cybersecurity. We are so thrilled to announce this partnership and looking forward to helping many organizations with help of our fantastic channel partners in the region!” says M. Mobasseri, CEO, emt Distribution.

“Thanks to emt Distribution’s strong presence in the Middle East and Africa and its excellent network of resellers specialized in cybersecurity, this agreement gives Gatewatcher the opportunity to serve the numerous local needs of Governments, Banks and Industries. Furthermore, emt Distribution’s ideology is very much in line with our vision and the way we understand customer relationships. We are looking forward to working together with emt Distribution,” adds Jacques de La Rivière, CEO of Gatewatcher.