ISnSC announces secure and temper proof National ID technology

ISnSC R&D FZ LLC announced Real ID based on ISnSC’s patented technology. Real ID works offline and can be printed on regular paper by National ID Card Holder. The Real ID will enable any inquirer to accept, validate and exchange information with Zero contact or Internet access. The Real ID does not require specific infrastructure or special secure paper or cards.

Based on the patented technology, the new National ID can be an image on a mobile phone or printed out by Card holders, It is the first initiative of its kind to support print your own document. The Real ID  solution will allow users to present their ID information with no physical contact and offline. Verifications can be done offline in remote areas with no network coverage.

“The Real ID will allow Card holders to print their own cards if needed” says Sherif Hazzaa, Managing Director of ISnSC R&D FZ LLC. “This will allow government to reach more areas, in a much faster and cheaper way. A new National ID project can now only take days even in conflict areas.”

The new National ID technology is secure and easier to operate than the traditional Chips or Blockchain based projects. And, the company claims that the Real National ID cannot be tampered or forged.