Evanssion in partnership with CYBER RANGES to boost cyber resilience of Middle Eastern enterprises

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Evanssion has announced its distribution partnership with CYBER RANGES by Silensec, a next-generation military-grade full-content-lifecycle cyber range for the development of cyber capabilities and the assessment of competencies and organizational cyber resilience.

As per the terms of the partnership, Evanssion will deliver the full extent of CYBER RANGES’ portfolio of world-class cybersecurity training and capability development exercises to enterprises in the Middle East region.

Regional businesses must evaluate their preparedness should an attack happen and assess if their resources are capable to handle those incidents efficiently. CYBER RANGES can help regional organizations prepare and withstand cyber-attacks by creating exercises with real-life attack scenarios in an isolated secure environment.

Navneeth Ramanan, Assistant Vice President – Sales for Evanssion, said, “We are thrilled to sign up with CYBER RANGES for the Middle East region. Adding the domain of cyber range solutions to Evanssion’s portfolio enables us to present CYBER RANGES and its world-class offerings to the region at a time when cybersecurity is a top priority for every business across verticals. We will work closely with our partners to promote CYBER RANGES exercises and play a key role in empowering regional businesses to boost their cybersecurity posture, capability, and resilience.”

Evanssion together with its extensive partner network will create awareness and large-scale cyber drills for organizations in the region to test their cyber resiliency through CYBER RANGES offerings. The distributor will also hold training sessions for its partners to help them get well versed with CYBER RANGES solutions to be better equipped to position it to regional customers.

Dr. Al Graziano, CEO for CYBER RANGES, said, “We welcome the opportunity to work with Evanssion. Team Evanssion is passionate about value-added solutions that unlock tremendous business value for our clients in the GCC region through secure digital transformation, cost effectiveness, ease of implementation and fast ROI. It is not about just their full specialist appreciation of our CYBER RANGES technology and TOAR approach to threat-informed cyber defense. We greatly value Evanssion’s transparent corporate culture, inspiring work environment and technical ambition to service our growing CYBER RANGES market.”


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