SonicWall, OPSWAT join hands to deliver more advanced threat detection

SonicWall enhanced its relationship with OPSWAT to deliver a more advanced and efficient threat detection solution. The partnership integrates OPSWAT’s OESIS Framework Device Compliance Module into the SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 1000 series to create seamless and reliable security policy compliance checks for all network connections.

The partnership combines the strengths of both companies to create an enhanced solution that detects and assesses the endpoint state and the third-party security applications running on specific endpoints. The Host Information Profile (HIP) collects information about the security status of the endpoints in the network, which is used for gateway policy enforcement.

“Now more than ever, businesses and organizations are forming massive remote workforces, and there is a significant demand to ensure the safety of employees and business-critical data, and the access and security of business applications,” said SonicWall’s Shubham Jena, Product Manager for the SMA product line. “We are thrilled to include the OPSWAT OESIS Framework for SMA 1000 series customers to help them gain more access and visibility into devices connecting to their networks.”

The OESIS Framework is a cross-platform, versatile and modular framework that enables software engineers and technology vendors to build advanced endpoint security products.

“The combination of the SonicWall SMA 1000 series with OPSWAT’s OESIS Framework delivers customers extraordinary visibility and control to help safeguard networks by ensuring that only compliant endpoints gain access to business-critical digital assets on-premises or in the cloud,” said Hamid Karimi, Vice President of Technology Alliances & OEM at OPSWAT. “OPSWAT is pleased to expand our solution with SonicWall empowering organizations with both the access and security required to safely operate in today’s ever-changing security environments.”