Cloudflare announces Cloudflare for Platforms

Cloudflare today announced Cloudflare for Platforms, a new suite of tools that allows organizations to transform any application into a programmable platform for developers to build on. Cloudflare for Platforms allows organizations to easily transform any fixed application–ranging from ecommerce solutions to chat apps and everything in between–so developers can build custom functionality using the latest open API standards, without relying on costly external servers to manage complex APIs.

“Five years ago Cloudflare built our serverless computing platform, Cloudflare Workers, to give all of our customers the ability to program the way Cloudflare worked for themselves,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “Cloudflare Workers is one of the fastest and most widely adopted edge computing products that provides limitless possibilities for our customers. Now we’re taking this formula and helping any organization do the same, using the scale, speed, and flexibility of Cloudflare’s global network.”

Cloudflare for Platforms is built on Cloudflare Workers, a serverless solution that allows developers to deploy code instantly across Cloudflare’s global network for exceptional performance, reliability, and scale. Additionally, Cloudflare is partnering with leading organizations to create new API standards for developers that will form the foundation of how applications can be built in the future to take advantage of the scale and flexibility of edge computing. Now Cloudflare will enable any product to become a platform, by allowing its developers to:

  • Use Cloudflare’s fast, scalable, and secure environment: With multiple developers building customized tools on a businesses’ platform, code needs to run quickly in a highly secure environment and scale as needed.
  • Quickly and easily view all of their code: Developers need to have visibility into errors, and an overview of what’s going on in their code. Trace Cloudflare Workers make it easy for any business to pass that information onto their customers’ developers.
  • Use the API standards of the future for a common experience, wherever they code: Any developer will be able to write and run code conforming to Web Platform standards–and easily transfer it–between Cloudflare Workers, Deno, and Node.js seamlessly and without the need to rewrite an application.
  • Get insights from powerful analytics: Using Workers Analytics Engine, platforms can expose easy to use dashboards to developers.
  • Simplify and secure custom domains: For many platforms, especially for SaaS use cases, having the ability to run the service on a custom domain is table stakes. SSL for SaaS, part of Cloudflare for Platforms, provides an easy way to provision SSL certificates for custom hostnames, without having to manage complex certificates deployment pipelines.