Tenable leads the device vulnerability management market

Tenable has been ranked #1 for 2020 worldwide market share for device vulnerability management in the IDC Worldwide Device Vulnerability Management Market Shares report.  This is the third year in a row Tenable has been ranked #1 for market share.

Additionally, survey respondents in the IDC survey, Features and Challenges in SIEM and Device Vulnerability Management Platforms: Variations by Size of Organization, said the top reason they selected Tenable was for its best-in-class technology.

According to the IDC market share report, Tenable is ranked number one in global 2020 market share and revenue. IDC credits Tenable’s success to the company’s strong acquisition strategy, product portfolio and its extensive data lake that feeds risk-based prioritization into the Tenable platform. The report also highlights:

  • Tenable’s marketing-leading platform that provides visibility across cloud environments, traditional IT, operational technology (OT), containers, Active Directory and web applications.
  • The Tenable Research team which arms customers and the broader community with threat intelligence, data science insights and zero-day discoveries.
  • Tenable Lumin’s advanced visualization, prioritization and benchmarking capabilities that allow customers to effectively communicate and reduce their exposure.

“We’ve continually reimagined what vulnerability management for the digital world means — and that has brought our customers unmatched visibility and risk context to their cloud, IT, OT, Active Directory and DevSecOps environments,” said Nico Popp, chief product officer, Tenable. “We’re a step ahead of the market when it comes to understanding and reducing risk holistically and that’s reflected in our market-leading position.”

According to the IDC market share report, “Device vulnerability management (DVM) is no longer just about counts of vulnerabilities but the risk they present to an organization if they remain unpatched. As more organizations adopt a zero trust framework, they need visibility into the assets and the ways the assets are exposed to inform the algorithms determining privileges.”

The report went on to explain, “Tenable’s focus has been on vulnerability assessment over as many environments as possible, and its acquisition history over the past two years proves as much…Tenable’s goal is to integrate all of these sources on a converged platform, predict what is important, and take action to address risk via remediation and communication.”