Trend Micro to empower Qatar’s small businesses with tailored cybersecurity solutions

Trend Micro announced the launch of a strategic initiative to bolster the cyber security stance of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Qatar, through its Worry-Free services – a suite of SMB-specific security solutions. The company’s goal is to strengthen the nation’s SMBs in their digital transformation journeys through dedicated cybersecurity to protect them in the evolving digital era.

“SMBs are the backbone of our economy as they’re at the frontline creating jobs, adding revenues and contributing to the country’s GDP,” says Assad Arabi, Managing Director, Gulf Cluster, Trend Micro, “They need a strong cybersecurity strategy to back their growth plans and maintain stability as bad actors are becoming stealthier in their approach and consistently looking for vulnerabilities. We understand the security needs of small businesses in Qatar and want to work closely with them, empower them, and do everything in our capacity to protect their digital assets while they achieve new standards in the digital world.”

Trend Micro’s Worry-Free Services suite provides complete threat protection across endpoints. Additionally, the combination of high-fidelity machine learning and an in-depth detection algorithm provides superior protection against ransomware and advanced attacks. Trend Micro Worry-Free XDR can perform detailed investigations and respond quickly due to the AI-powered, automatic data correlation across endpoints, servers, cloud, networks, and email. It is a single solution that relieves overworked IT staff by providing multi-layered security and making it an ideal platform for SMBs to safeguard their operations.