Why backing up data matters to your business

Today, as we celebrate the World Backup Day, Antoine Harb, Team Leader Middle East and North Africa at Kingston Technology dwells into the world of backup and highlights the key reasons why backup is so important for all of us

On March 31, World Backup Day will once again take place. The occasion has been instituted and celebrated yearly to re-emphasize this important point: data protection.

Data can be protected in a myriad of ways, and one of them is creating a second copy of all your file types, applications, systems, and many more. Backups are critical as cases of data theft and data loss are more widespread than we think.

These statistics shared by worldbackupday.com provide us with a glimpse of how common data theft and data loss cases are:  113 phones are lost or stolen every minute; 29 per cent of data losses are caused by accident; and 30 per cent of all computers are already infected with malware. Despite the risk of losing their data, 21 per cent of people have still never made a backup..

For companies, failing to put in place effective data backup and recovery strategies in place, is costly. Lost sensitive and irreplaceable corporate data is a serious business concern.

Here are some reasons why, regular data backups are crucial to your business.

  • Sustain a good business reputation
    In business, public perception is fundamental to winning your stakeholders loyalty, trust and confidence. It would not bode well for your company to be entangled in issues concerning data loss. It will also impact your efforts to build and sustain relationships with the public. To save yourself the massive headache of having to deal with the consequences, implementing a sufficient data backup plan is imperative.
  • Easy data recovery
    Files can easily be deleted by mistake. Backups ensure complete recovery of your lost, deleted or corrupted documents and systems. In case of disasters such as a fire or cyberattacks, your backups will help save the day.
  • Enhanced customer service and work productivity
    Data backup serves as an extra layer of protection and also allows you to ensure unhampered and secure access to corporate documents and systems. This will positively impact work productivity and, consequently, customer service.
  • Better prepared against online network breaches
    In today’s digital age, cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated. Backups are one way to reinforce your defense against phishing, ransomware and malware.