Huawei proposes cyber security practices at CSIS Egypt 2022

Huawei showcased its latest E2E cyber security assuanrance system, and discussed the strategies in the field of cyber security to secure the digital transformation strategy in Egypt, at CSIS Egypt 2022, held in Cairo, Egypt.

Adnane Ben Halima, Vice President in charge of public relations for the Mediterranean region of Huawei Northern Africa, discussed vulnerability as one of the most common methods of attack as he shared Huawei’s best practices for vulnerability management.

“Although vulnerability  is inevitable, if a suitable process was established, it could be identified, assessed, remediated, and mitigated in time. At Huawei, we continue our cooperation with our partners to strengthen the connection with upstream and downstream partners in the supply chain and  external security ecosystem, vulnerability researchers, security companies, and security regulators,” said, Adnane Ben Halima.

Frank Li, Regional Cyber Security & Privacy Officer, tackles how an enterprise ensures its products & services fully compliance with cyber security requirement according to industry standards and rquirements from local regulators, highlighting the importance of cybersecurity and how departments in side Huawei collaborate together to guarantee cyber security as its first priority strategy at a session titled “Build an E2E Cyber Security Assurance System”.

“As a leading ICT infrastructure vendor, Huawei has introduced industry standards, best practices, and embedded cyber security requirements into end-to-end business processes. Huawei has also signed cyber security agreements with over 3,400 suppliers worldwide, requiring all partners to take cyber security seriously. Additinally, the company has established global cyber security transparency centers to cooperate with key stakeholders for communication, innovation, and verification,” said, Frank Li.

Mohamed Madkour, Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Huawei Egypt, said  “With the accelerated development of technology, cybersecurity has become inevitable to achieve secure digital transformation. Therefore, Huawei Egypt is keen to provide its partners with the latest, innovative, and secured technologies. Through its extensive investment in R&D, Huawei has made impressive strides in the field of cybersecurity. We, at Huawei, will continue our strategy to provide our partners with digital transformation solutions.”