Free online tool to generate strong passwords

F-Secure released a free online tool that helps people create “super strong” passwords for all their crucial accounts. In just a few seconds, the Strong Password Generator creates new passwords that are strong enough to resist cracking attempts by hackers.

“By now, everyone should have heard that they need strong, unique passwords for their essential online accounts. But every time a site or service is hacked and users’ passwords are released, we see credentials like ‘12345’ or ‘password1’ over and over again,” said F-Secure Executive Vice President of Consumer Security Timo Laaksonen. “This new tool makes creating strong, unique passwords for different accounts as easy as using your cat’s name to secure your account.”

A recent F-Secure survey* found that since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have become more reliant on online services and accounts.

More than one-third of consumers, 38%, reported that they have increased the number of online purchases made on their PCs since the crisis began. 32% of consumers said they’ve increased purchases on their mobile, and 31% said they spend more time working from home.

Any account related to these sensitive activities could be a target for an account takeover, which could lead to identity theft or fraud. Protecting accounts with strong, unique passwords is an effective measure to prevent such compromises.

“The passwords that secure our accounts have never mattered more and we’ve never had more crucial accounts to secure,” Laaksonen said. “Because this tool comes from F-Secure, with well over three decades of protecting consumers and securing their data, you can count on the Strong Password Generator to make it easy to get strong passwords that won’t fall into the wrong hands.”

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