Equipping businesses with advanced security solutions

UAE based Truly Secure, the next-generation IT service provider for digital transformation, encouraging companies to take action to protect the security within their business’s technological environment.

According to Truly Secure, a staggering 58% of breaches occur within small businesses due to the lack of security implementation or management services, as a result of budget restraints. Over the last three years, Jonathan Kelly and Mitchell Mobayed, founders of Truly Secure, have successfully delivered tailored IT management services and consultancy across the region.

Truly Secure’s highly targeted solutions strive to solve problematic areas, ensuring desk-side ‘bespoke services’ support, handling all IT infrastructure issues, while offering world-class security, and AI usage, where necessary.

Mitchell Mobayed, the Co-Founder of Truly Secure comments, “We look forward to further expanding our services within the UAE. After consulting our shareholders and further identifying the exceeding demand for bespoke security services, we forecast our expansion will take place between Q2 and Q3 of this year. We will consistently ensure that while businesses embrace the digital transformation journey, they adopt digital security, as it’s crucial to the survivability of any business that operates in a digital workspace.”