Anomali introduces Cloud-Native XDR solution

Anomali announced the availability of its Cloud-Native XDR solution offering customers with a new dimension of visibility across all security telemetry from endpoints to the public cloud, providing precision detection and optimized response capabilities that extends across their entire security infrastructure.  

“With the increase of digital transformation in global organizations, security efficacy and efficiency are a significant challenge, compounded by cyber threats and the lack of security talent to keep up with the demand. The current geopolitical uncertainty is taking that challenge to new levels. This situation is leaving organizations more vulnerable to cyberattacks than at any other point in history,” said Ahmed Rubaie, CEO, Anomali.

“To help enterprises and governments overcome the challenge of remaining undefended against adversaries in the modern business world, we worked in close alignment with our customers and the global security community to build a comprehensive cloud solution that delivers differentiated XDR use cases to stop not only breaches, but also attackers.” Rubaie added.

The Anomali Platform is fueled by big data management, machine learning, and the world’s largest repository of global intelligence. The platform offers a wide range of new features and benefits:

  • Ingestion of all your security telemetry from any source (endpoints, messaging, network, identity, public cloud, etc.) along with all security logs, combined with correlation against the world’s largest repository of threat intelligence and indicators of compromise (IOCs) at a rate of 190 trillion+ events per second. This unique big data and correlation capability maximizes customers’ existing security infrastructure investments, as it automates the analysis of security data that existing tools are not equipped to manage. With the ability to leverage and analyze all security information, organizations can see new attacks beyond what’s currently available in the ecosystem. Furthermore, they have more relevant and far less noisy output to act on with agile automated response to ultimately detect and respond to attackers and breaches legacy that solutions frequently miss.
  • Integration of leading security frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK provides organizations with a complete understanding of global adversaries and the ability to pinpoint how threats are impacting them at all stages of the attack chain, giving customers the ability to quickly prioritize and adjust defenses before, during, and after attacks.
  • Global intelligence management that makes it easy for SOC and threat intelligence analysts to align intelligence initiatives with organizational priorities, build custom dashboards for intuitive visualization of IOCs specific to cyber incidents such as Log4J, and to then operationalize intel across security controls to effectively respond to global adversaries.
  • The Anomali Platform is a suite of products that work together and easily integrate into existing security stacks across multi-cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments, to deliver new uniquely differentiated XDR use cases. The product suite includes Match, a big data engine that correlates all telemetry with global intelligence to detect and respond at scale;  ThreatStream, the largest repository of global intelligence; and Lens, lighthouse scanning of the latest threats and the industry’s only Natural Language Processing (NLP) browser plug-in that identifies all threats and IOCs in any web content to operationalize them across security infrastructures.  The suite achieves best-of-breed XDR.