Trend Micro recognizes UAE’s Ministry of Interior for its execution of cybersecurity strategies

Trend Micro today recognized the Ministry of Interior (MoI) of the United Arab Emirates, based in Abu Dhabi, for its astute execution of cybersecurity strategies in their pursuit of enhancing the digital capabilities of the country.

The Cyber Defense Challenge (CDC) aims to strengthen the nation’s digital infrastructure and raise awareness of cybersecurity. Over 30 participants took part in a single-day hands-on workshop led by IT experts from across the UAE. They were exposed to simulated cyber-attacks and challenged to determine the best course of action to demonstrate their capabilities in protecting their digital assets. Contestants collaborated to develop and execute strategies to effectively detect and block attacks while competing against each other during the event.

During the Cyber Defense Challenge (CDC), Trend Micro presented the MoI with a prestigious award acknowledging its leadership in cybersecurity intelligence and practices, protecting the country’s digital agendas. The award was presented by Salah Suleiman, Sales Manager, UAE, Trend Micro, to Colonel Dr. Ibrahim Humaid Al Mayahi, Director of the Digital Security Directorate, Ministry of Interior, who led the delegation from the ministry.

Adding to the significance of the event, Trend Micro along with the Ministry of Interior was recognized by Aqdar for its exceptional cybersecurity practices and services fortifying the UAE’s digital infrastructure. The prestigious award was presented by Lieutenant Colonel Sultan Harib Alkatbi, General Coordinator of Khalifa Empowerment Program, Aqdar.

“Platforms like the Cyber Defense Challenge (CDC) competition provide an invaluable opportunity to raise awareness and recognize excellence in cybersecurity,” said Majd Sinan, Country Manager, Trend Micro UAE. “In alignment with the country’s vision, the MoI has been instrumental in demonstrating stability through a higher standard of cybersecurity practices and transforming the nation. A recognition of this stature from Aqdar is a testament to our efforts and motivates us to further continue our movement in supporting organizations from the private and public sector in their pursuit of achieving a stronger security posture with state-of-the-art solutions, expertise, and industry-leading insights.”