Credence Security announces 13 city roadshow across Middle East, India and Africa

Credence Security, the leading regional distributor announced the 13 city roadshow to be held across three weeks in the Middle East, India and African markets. The roadshow will be held under the theme, ‘Working Together Towards a Cyber-Resilient Tomorrow,’ and it will bring together pre-eminent technology experts, vendors, and speakers to discuss the latest trends, strategies and innovations in today’s security landscape.

Catering to end-user security and digital forensics professionals, Credence Security Roadshow 2022 will deliver the necessary tools and industry knowledge that will enable regional organizations to design cyber-resilient security strategies and stay protected in the digital era. These insights will also empower them to unleash the full power of the security stack, improve incident response times and extend protections to support digital transformation across the enterprise, and regional and national governments.

The roadshow program is built around the evolving nature of today’s cybersecurity landscape, which has changed dramatically with the development of borderless networks and transformative technologies such as the Internet of Things and hybrid cloud. As the region continues to find its footing in the post-COVID-19 era, cybersecurity professionals have become instrumental in driving organizational strategies and securing digital transformation initiatives.

Attendees will be privy to first-hand information from Credence Security’s key vendors and learn how their latest advanced security offerings can play a vital role in helping them focus on core business operations without worrying about security threats. Together, these developments are forcing businesses to rethink their security approaches. With one-on-one networking opportunities, they will have a chance to catch up with industry peers in a safe meeting setting.

The sessions at the event are classified into four tracks – Digital Forensics and Incident Response; Data Security and Governance; Continuous Adaptive Risk Assessment and Trust Assessment and Identity, Payments and Digital Security. The roadshow will combine presentations, real-life use cases, and dedicated technology tracks to provide an in-depth look at the security market and the biggest challenges facing the region’s governments and businesses across the region. Each track is well thought-out and aimed at imparting interesting insights, unique learnings and exceptional use cases in the regional cybersecurity space.

Commenting on the launch of the thirteen-city roadshow, Garreth Scott, Managing Director, Credence Security, said, “Threat actors are increasingly becoming more creative and sophisticated in their attack methods. Distributed work environments and increased digitalization agendas have further expanded the threat landscape and exposed new vulnerabilities. With an eye towards building a cyber-resilient tomorrow, Credence Security and its partners are constantly looking closely at the impact that digital transformation has on security, privacy, and overall trust.

“A strong and resilient cybersecurity strategy that is regularly reviewed and updated is the need of the hour. Businesses must arm themselves with robust technologies and be on top of market developments to effectively safeguard their operations. We are excited to launch the 2022 edition of our annual security roadshow as it will be an important platform to help our attendees strengthen their security postures and ensure business continuity.”

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