Mandiant integrates Attack Surface Management into the Mandiant Advantage platform

Mandiant today announced the completed integration of Attack Surface Management into the Mandiant Advantage platform following the company’s acquisition of Intrigue in August 2021. Now generally available, Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management enables organizations to obtain a deep understanding of their digital footprint and focus on the vulnerabilities that bad actors are most likely to target. Armed with this insight, organizations can take a proactive approach to cyber security, while gaining confidence that they’re not exposed to emerging threats.

The evolution of IT environments – driven by the rapid shift to cloud, accelerated adoption of connected devices and rise in distributed workforces – is leading to an increasing number of sophisticated threats. Without insight across the entire attack surface, including legacy sprawl, unknown assets and shadow applications, organizations have no way of knowing if they’re at risk, and therefore, unable to close security gaps accordingly.

Attack Surface Management is designed to solve this problem at-scale by allowing organizations to look at their digital footprint through the eyes of an attacker. Purpose built for dynamic, distributed and cloud environments, the comprehensive, automated offering combines extended visibility with continuous monitoring and vulnerability prioritization based on the current threat landscape. As a result, organizations are able to gain immediate, actionable insight into their current risk profile. Extensive integration and alignment with security programs, third-party security tools and external data sets further enables organizations to reduce risk.

“Effective cyber security depends on a solid foundation of strong security hygiene and posture management; however, the rapidly increasing scale and complexity of modern IT environments makes this extremely challenging,” said Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow. “Leading organizations recognize that they can’t protect against unknown vulnerabilities and are adopting tools that enable a comprehensive view of their attack surface. Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management can help security teams meet the growing demand for comprehensive, extended enterprise visibility while also providing continuous vulnerability monitoring and the insights needed to prioritize risk.”

“IT environments continue to expand and evolve, making the discovery and continuous monitoring of all digital assets more important than ever, yet increasingly difficult for organizations to manage,” said Mike Armistead, Senior Vice President, Mandiant Advantage Products at Mandiant. “Attack Surface Management allows organizations to remain abreast of their ever-changing digital footprint and prioritize risk based on up-to-the-minute threat intelligence. We’re excited to provide this critical capability to our customers and look forward to rolling out additional innovative offerings on the Mandiant Advantage platform to help organizations understand, prioritize and remain ahead of threats.”