LogRhythm and SecLytic to deliver enhanced and intuitive cybersecurity capabilities in the Middle East

LogRhythm has partnered with SecLytic, to transform the security posture and streamline operations for security operations center (SOC) teams in the Middle East. LogRhythm and SecLytics will work hand-in-hand to provide enhanced threat intelligence capabilities and high-performance analytics, to mitigate new and evolving risks in the region.

Through the collaboration, LogRhythm and SecLytics will enable organisations in the Middle East to seamlessly deliver digital transformation and protect their end-users with aligned early threat detection and response solutions. SecLytics will deploy its Augur pXDR solution to provide unique, patented predictive threat intelligence, leveraging machine learning. In alignment, LogRhythm will roll out its NextGen SIEM to deliver intuitive, high-performance analytics and a seamless incident response workflow.

“Data breaches in the MENA region are reported to have reached an average cost of around $6.5 million, which is well above the global average incident cost of near $4 million,” said Mazen A. Dohaji, Vice President, India, Middle East, Turkey & Africa (iMETA) at LogRhythm. “Cybersecurity risks in the Middle East are becoming increasingly sophisticated and this is causing organisations in the region to suffer notable losses. Overcoming new threats requires cybersecurity organisations to bring together their capabilities to build a protected threat environment for businesses in the region. Our collaboration with SecLytics is building a security-first future in the Middle East”

SecLytics’ Augur pXDR solution detects the build-up of cybercriminal infrastructure online before attack launch. Its behavioral prediction models identify and group threat actors based on patterns of activity up to 50 days out. Integrated with LogRhythm’s SIEM offering, organisations in the Middle East benefit from a core set of cybersecurity capabilities including data collection, real-time visibility and threat automation, and analytical techniques.

“We are working with LogRhythm to transform cyber resiliency in the Middle East and enable organisations to expand their applications and services without risk. This requires cybersecurity providers to deliver a unified experience to ensure that businesses in the region are gaining the best possible security experience and are in a strong position to tackle emerging threats,” said Saeed Abu-Nimeh, Co-Founder, CEO as Seclytics. “Together, we are empowering SOC teams to mitigate threats more efficiently by aligning pXDR and NextGen SIEM to realise enhanced security capabilities. With the right tools in place, security teams can adopt a proactive approach for eliminating targeted attacks.”